Orchid Of My Womb

I have loved you… in a way that defies time…
For I have loved you since you were just a flowering thought….
A miracle that blossomed inside my imagination… and took root in my heart.
Before the world met you…you were the greatest love of mine.

And there…in my heart’s haven you were safe…
You grew before my mind’s eye.. a delicate Rose,
A glimpse of perfection… seen only with eyes closed.
A bouquet of promise… unadulterated hope.

Nurtured within the garden of my womb,
you sprang to life, kissed by the sun’s glow.
More beautiful than any portrait my mind could paint.
Like spring’s first bloom after winter’s desolate snow.

My Flower…you are a miracle of Me…and a phenomenon of the Earth.
A vine with roots in the ultimate depths of my existence,
burgeoning out into the Universe.
Thus, you cannot flourish in isolation of the elements.
As your bud ripens…as your leaves sprout…

Do not allow yourself to become suffocated by weeds,
Instead, grow towards the glorious rays of sunshine,
Find root only in soil that will sustain you …
and beware of pretty flowers that bare poisonous seeds.
Caution… against  winds that may seek to break your stem,
But fear not- you are strong enough to weather them.
Pay heed… to feet that will strive to trample you.
Rise. Triumph. Bloom against the odds.

My greatest fear is that your heart will be crushed,
at the hands of one who admires your beauty,
yet plucks away each refined petal until you are left bare.
Be mindful of them…those with a desire stained stare.

Yet, I advise that you not shy away from the hurricane,
for it brings the glorious gift of rain.
Let the waters of the storm replenish you,
let them be your nourishment. You, my love, are resilient.

Still… if ever you are in need, please remember,
I will be your oak.
Because you, sweet one, are my graceful Lily in a field of thorns.
my exquisite Orchid in a bleak December.

Amanie Mathurin
January 10th, 2014.


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