Written By : Amanie Mathurin
Directed/Edited By: Pierre Chester

This was my first attempt at something in this field. It was quite a challenge but accepting it allowed me to test the boundaries of my creativity. Although I had doubts at first…. when I finally decided to actually start drafting… I could not stop… It all just seemed to flow so easily…naturally… There were even moments where I had to struggle to keep up with the thoughts spinning in my head… It was almost as if the scenes were playing themselves out in my mind….as if the story was fighting to be told…
I think the most fascinating part was seeing the end result. Having a vision…. reading it on paper… seeing it on film…these are all very different concepts. It was a wonderful feeling seeing my vision actually  represented. It was interesting to see the result of someone else’s vision… hard work.. talent all mixed with mine. It was also very encouraging to work with such a great team… Every aspect seemed so well executed… the directing…editing… and especially the music. The music was indeed  my favourite part. I felt that the songs chosen reflected the feelings I had toward the script…. they mirrored the themes and emotions of the idea. What was even more exciting was seeing the feedback we received. During the initial stages… I would have never even imagined that we could get such a response. It has generated so many positive responses online… and it has all been so encouraging. Seeing people’s comments about how intrigued they were… how emotional the film made them…and how deeply it made them think and feel… I honestly felt that I had fulfilled  my purpose….
      I am happy that I now have something to look back on to help me measure my strengths and weaknesses…. I am surely a long way from where I want to be as a writer… but this is a wonderful place to start. It also serves as proof of what I can accomplish and that greater things are in store. If I had let my insecurity and doubts serve as a hindrance… I would never have been able to explore this new avenue. I would have never found out that this is something I want to pursue…. that this is a talent I want to nurture… For years I had been focused on my dreams of publishing novels… it had never crossed my mind that there is so much more out there… so many other avenues I can venture into. Of course I am still holding onto my dreams of producing best sellers…. but it does not hurt to know that my talent could lead me into even more exciting territory… Perhaps careers await in Film or Television…or both

🙂 Here’s to big dreams *cheers*


Juliet’s Woe | Short Film | 2013

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